Doctor Who Tardis Bluetooth Speaker


Doctor Who Tardis Bluetooth Speaker

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Just looking at this new highly-detailed TARDIS Bluetooth Speaker, you can almost hear the familiar groaning sound of the TARDIS materializing… but this wireless speaker with LED and voice indicators can bring much sweeter music to your ears.

Just pair it up with any Bluetooth enabled device and wait for the signs your TARDIS Speaker has grounded: you'’ll hear the TARDIS landing sound, and the LED lamp will flash blue as the Police Box sign illuminates. Then, play your favorite music (which may or may not include a Halstad Harp, Cradle, or Korintol), use the built-in mic to call a friend, or go back to the basics with 6 pre-installed sound clips from the show itself.

6.2" W x 12.4" H x 6.2" D

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