Queen Esther Dancing Dreidels Board Game

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In Ancient Persia, the King, Ahasuerus, married the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, Esther. When Esther became Queen, her Uncle Mordicai became one of the King's advisors. But the Evil Haman became jealous of Mordicai, so he tricked the King into decreeing that all of Mordicai's people, the jews, should be killed, though the King did not know Mordicai & Esther were Jewish. Esther devised a plan and must gather evidence of Haman's evil plot with the help of her loyal Seven Maidens and dance her way into the King's heart.

It is highly recognised that interactive gameplay, performed amongst family and friends, is one of the key foundations and most beneficial ways of learning. The game has been carefully designed with education at its very core whilst being both stimulating and exciting, to develop the learn with fun methodology.

Suitable for ages 8+ and 2-4 players, instructions and gameplay are written in both English and Hebrew allowing further educational opportunites, with supplemental instructions in French, Spanish & Italian.

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